There’s S’more Where That Came From
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It’s summertime! You know what that means? Barbequing, swimming, shuffleboarding, watermeloning, eloping, cantelouping, camping, and of course, everybody’s favorite activity, S’more making. 

What is it about a S’more that brings a smile to any toddler’s chubby face? Is it the intuitive design? The pleasant taste? The appealing texture? Perhaps a combination of all three? Whatever the reason may be, S’mores are a timeless treat that are great for any summer night.

Let’s face it. S’mores are fantastic. They are certainly S’more than S’less and S’less than S’most but we still love them anyway. Whether you roast a normal piece of a chocolate bar or a peanut butter cup on your graham cracker and marshmallow cushion, they make for a fantastic treat that isn’t messy in any way at all. 

The ingredients in your typical S’mores treat allow the user to enjoy its chocolatey, marshmallowy-goodness without getting sticky residue on your hands, clothes, carpets, or outdoor furniture. It’s nice to have a snack that isn’t dirty, right?

Just in case you were wondering, I was being sarcastic about S’mores not being messy. I’m sure you could tell due to the fact that S’mores are, in fact, really messy (and are spelled with a pesky apostrophe, making it an annoying task to type out every time I need to use the word). To truly understand what makes a S’more so messy, we need to dive into the anatomy of the S’more to examine this snack’s sloppy flaws.


Choice Chocolate

Melted chocolate has a tendency to end up everywhere that is inconvenient. On loveseat cushions, your favorite textured teal T-rex t-shirt, your autographed mug filled with Mug brand soda. Everything. Unless you decide to purchase brown clothing, furniture, and house decor, there is no avoiding this mouthwatering mess.

Messy Marshmallow

Let’s not forget the sticky abomination that is the marshmallow. Seriously, how did someone come up with a food that is so horrific that it bonds with every substance known to man? I’m pretty sure that the scientist who invented the marshmallow also created thermally conductive epoxy adhesive. Have you ever tried to get marshmallow out of clothes or carpets or furniture? It’s nearly impossible (without the help of a local Chem-Dry carpet cleaning service in your area. Hint. Hint).

Good Graham

Graham crackers leave crumbs. They’re the least messy part of the S’more. The most you would have to do as far as clean up goes is vacuum just a little bit. They deserve a round of applause and a Grammy award.

Just because S’mores are messy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t eat them. It just means that when you start staining everything inside of your house, you need to call a carpet and upholstery cleaning company you can trust. Chem-Dry cleans chocolate and marshmallow stains like nobody else. (We also clean up many other difficult stains, but for the sake of this article, I prefer to stick to just chocolate and marshmallow stains.) After finishing up any S’mores social, be sure to give the professionals a call!