Carpet Cleaning 101: (Chem Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction Process)
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We all love our pets, but, even though they are our best friends, accidents and disobedience will occur. The above photo depicts a particularly messy incident with chocolate milk. The question is, how does one clean this up? The milk had been seeping into the carpet for a few hours and had penetrated deeply into the fibers. 

Steam cleaning and other traditional carpet cleaning methods can be difficult to implement and ineffective. Drowning the carpet with water can damage the carpet fibers and may not even get out the deepest dirt and grime of your carpet, so if one steam cleaned the carpet, it could damage the carpet and produce a place for mold to grow because it would take 1 to 2 days to dry. 

Chem-Dry has a revolutionary process called Hot Carbonating Extraction. The carbonation penetrates down to the deepest parts of your carpet and lifts dirt and grime to the surface so that it can be separated permanently from your carpet. The best part about this is that Chem-Dry’s process drys in 1 to 2 hours not 1 to 2 days like normal steam cleaners! Look no further and contract Chem-Dry for your carpet cleaning needs.