Breaking News: Family Discovers House is Disgusting. Here’s What They Do About It.
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The Smiths are just your typical family. They have three kids, an eyesore of a hypoallergenic dog, and one $350K house (because more than one $350K house would be excessive). All was going well for the family, up until a few days ago when they realized...their house was gross.

They wondered, how could this happen to them? Surely their three children (all under the age of six) couldn’t have caused the mess? Kids are never messy. And it would be preposterous to suggest that their less-than-pretty goldendoodle puppy would have caused the stinky odors and ugly urine stains on the carpet. What could have caused the collapse of this suburban family’s home?

Little did the Smiths know, it was their children and off-brand golden retriever that caused the mess. Kids are actually really messy (if you didn’t already know that). They would spill orange juice on the floor, smear peanut butter on the carpet, and stain all the couches and sofas in the house with milk every day. Yuck.

To make things worse, the unlovely goldendoodle would pee on the floor, poop on the carpet, and stain all the area rugs and upholstery in the house until its territory was completely marked. Every. Single. Day. (This was all really the Smith’s fault because they never bothered to potty train their unsightly canine).

The Smith’s kids and their hideous pet weren’t the only ones to blame for the mess. The Smith’s played a big role in the destruction of their own home. Each morning, the Smith’s would make a huge batch of coffee and repeatedly spill it on their floors. Every evening, they would drink red wine and spill it on their carpets and furniture. In the late evening/early morning (at 3:23 am to be precise), both Smiths would simultaneously wake up to grab a late-night snack and would drop food and drinks all over their rugs and furniture. Yes, they were very messy.

This left the Smith’s scared and concerned for their health, their children’s health, and their dog’s health. They decided to search online for a solution, and that’s when they found their answer. Chem-Dry.

Professionals from Chem-Dry stopped by the house to assess the mess. After viewing all problem areas, they washed their carpets, scrubbed their upholstery, cleaned all area rugs, removed pet urine stains, and ultimately ridded the house of noxious odors. 

The Smith’s home was finally clean, their pet and kids were healthy, and the family lived happily ever after. 

The End.

P.S. This story is fictitious; Chem-Dry’s excellent cleaning services are not.